Monday, December 16, 2013

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol has just ended this past weekend, and while it was sad to come to end of all our hard work, it was also a huge relief. I made great bonds and new friends and was able to explore my abilities both musically and physically through dance. It was so much fun to see everything come together so well, and it was a really accomplishing feeling. It actually made me think a bit more about going into theatre when I go to college. However, it will be a very drastic difference in contrast to the Christian environment provided at The Master's Academy. Pursuing theatre programs in college often has the reputation of being very cut-throat. You're either all in, or all out. You don't just participate in the theatre program in college, you eat, sleep, and breathe theatre. While I think the competitiveness of college theatre programs would be exciting, I do think it would be intimidating. I've always thought that being on broadway would be an unforgettable experience though. 

Now that A Christmas Carol is over, I have to make the decision on whether or not I want to participate in the Spring musical as well. This year's Spring musical will be My Dear Watson, a small casted play centering the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his partner John Watson. I think this could be really fun, especially since I've never been in a small casted play. 

In the mean time, my mom just recently got married, and I have the opportunity to sing at her reception party that she'll be having on New Years Eve. This is a really exciting opportunity. I love being able to create a special experience for my loved ones through music, especially on such big occasions. It's really special to me when you can use a song as a gift to someone. I feel like music is a great way to bring people together. I'll also be singing with a band that my mom hired. I really love working with bands, because I feel like it shows a lot of educational value musically on how things work when you work with a group. 

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