Monday, October 14, 2013

First Gig

I started thinking I wanted to get serious about my music during my Freshman year of high school. Once I got my first gig, I got seriously serious. Even though I would be performing at a mildly shabby family Halloween festival, I was extremely grateful and excited. Yet, seeping through my excitement was fear fueled by my own insecurities. I couldn't help but think that the stage manager was just trying to fill a spot, that they couldn't care less how I really sang, and that upon hearing me sing, they would regretfully come to terms with their lack of time invested into the stage acts. In the weeks leading up to my scheduled gig, I was cramming in as many new songs into my set as possible. During this time I was painting my muse of who I wanted to be as a musician. I was experimenting with styles and genres and what I could do to make songs my own. I was (and still am) only performing covers of songs, but I hope to develop skills as a songwriter as well. 
The gig went so well. A lot of my friends came to support me, and it ignited something in me that has driven my motivations for performing ever since. I am so glad I took the chance and made a leap of faith. It really showed me what it means to perform for the glory of God, and how amazing it is to experience the thrill of entertainment.

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