Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Next Steps

Now that I’m actively pursuing music in my high school career, now is the time to make the decision as to whether or not I want to pursue it in college as well. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to seeking to study music in college.  For one thing, most colleges only offer major and studies in classical compositions, which I’m not really sure I’m interested in. One option could be to study something Academic I’m interested in and continue to pursue music extracurricularly. This is hard though, because I really feel like I have a lot of passion in music. Thinking about spending the rest of my life at a desk job or something similar really scares me. I want to know for sure that I love what I do. But, it’s also important that I’m able to provide for my family one day, and being a struggling musician doesn’t really bring in much income. I also have the option of taking studies in musical theatre, which is also a large part of my life. There are just so many options that I feel so unsure about. It’s so frustrating sometimes to try and understand what path God wants me to take and know for sure that the path I choose to follow is what He wants for my life. 
At the end of the day, I know that no matter what my future is in God’s hands, and He will be with me every step of the way, but I do hope that He chooses to bless my path with music. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

For His Glory

During my Freshman year, I was given the opportunity to lead worship at my youth group. This was an  entirely new experience for me, not only because I'd never sang with a band, but also because the dynamics of this was much different than any other performances I had done. Worship isn't about the music, it's about lifting our voices to praise our Creator. I gained a new perspective on singing and how God intended for me to use my gift for His glory. It was so amazing to open my eyes and see my friends in the crowd and lifting their hands in surrender to God, paying no attention to me singing, but focussing solely on the lyrics of the songs. It was an overwhelming feeling.
Since, no matter what the genre of music I'm singing/performing, I want to use it to glorify God and better his kingdom. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

First Gig

I started thinking I wanted to get serious about my music during my Freshman year of high school. Once I got my first gig, I got seriously serious. Even though I would be performing at a mildly shabby family Halloween festival, I was extremely grateful and excited. Yet, seeping through my excitement was fear fueled by my own insecurities. I couldn't help but think that the stage manager was just trying to fill a spot, that they couldn't care less how I really sang, and that upon hearing me sing, they would regretfully come to terms with their lack of time invested into the stage acts. In the weeks leading up to my scheduled gig, I was cramming in as many new songs into my set as possible. During this time I was painting my muse of who I wanted to be as a musician. I was experimenting with styles and genres and what I could do to make songs my own. I was (and still am) only performing covers of songs, but I hope to develop skills as a songwriter as well. 
The gig went so well. A lot of my friends came to support me, and it ignited something in me that has driven my motivations for performing ever since. I am so glad I took the chance and made a leap of faith. It really showed me what it means to perform for the glory of God, and how amazing it is to experience the thrill of entertainment.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just Getting Started

Music has been a large part of my life for a long time now. I've never been interested (or let alone able) in sports, and music is something that comes naturally to me, so I started pursuing it even more in 6th grade. I started with piano, which I played for about three years. Soon enough, I was experimenting with my vocal abilities, and begun voice lessons as well. In my 8th grade year, I was able to play the piano at my father’s wedding. This was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to the thrill of performing. In the years following, I picked up guitar. Since then I have been booked 6 performing gigs. I feel so incredibly blessed to where God has taken me with my music and there have been so many things I’ve learned through these past few years. The Lord has shown me my place through music, and I’m determined to glorify and praise him through this priceless gift.
“Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; mediate on and talk of all His wondrous works and devoutly praise them!” (I Chronicles 16:9) 
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